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What is X Rays?

X-ray is a medical technique where x rays are used to take the images of the heart, lungs and bones of the chest. The technique will not provide any pictures of inside structures of the heart.

Why it is performed ?

Most of the chest X-ray is done to check the location, size and shape of the heart, lungs and the blood vessels.

How is X Rays conducted ?

The procedure is carried out in the hospital where you need to wear a hospital gown and you are asked to hold your breath still for two or three seconds. In case of infants who may require some restraint the X-ray machine is turned on for a fraction of a second. The X-rays passes through the chest and makes an image on special photographic film. In many cases two pictures are taken to get a front and side view.

It takes around 10 minutes for the X-ray film to develop. Sometimes your cardiologist needs more than just the front and side chest X-rays.

Preparation for X-Ray:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam.
  • Metal objects including jewellery, eyeglasses, dentures and hairpins may affect the CT images and should be left at home or removed prior to your exam.  You may also be asked to remove hearing aids and removable dental work.